On Terrorism

January 26th and 27th, 2018

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The Human Rights Action Centre
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The Devoted Actor in an Age of Rage and the Spiritual Dimension of Human Conflict - Scott Atran
Professor Scott Atran
International cognitive anthropologist who has interviewed militants and jihadis all over the world and briefed governments on why people kill and die for a cause. He is anthropologist at France’s National Center for Scientific Research and the University of Michigan. He is a founding fellow of the Centre for Resolution of Intractable Conflict, Harris Manchester College and Department of Politics and International Relations University of Oxford and also Director of Research at ARTIS International, a scientific research group dedicated to improving understandings of violence and conflict through field-based research. He has briefed NATO, the US Senate, UN security Council and EU governments on problems of, and solutions by, youth in relation to violent extremism. He is author of Talking to the Enemy and In Gods We Trust.
Response by - Dieter Nitzgen
Dieter Nitzgen
A Group Analyst, psychoanalyst and organisational consultant in private practice as well as training analyst and supervisor at the Institute of Group Analysis, Heidelberg. He is Editor of Group Analysis: The International Journal of Group Analytic Psychotherapy.
Lessons from an ex-Al Qaeda Soldier - Hanif Qadir
Hanif Qadir
CEO of the Active Change Foundation, a London organisation which helps prevent young people from becoming radicalised. He joined Al Qaeda in Afghanistan in 2002 after Bush declared “war on terror” but left when he saw the crimes being committed against civilians. He returned to the UK and vowed to safeguard young people from losing their lives. He works closely with governmental institutions, most of the UK’s Police Authorities, as well as research academics across the globe. While encouraging governments to invest in young people in order to create positive futures and personal resilience Hanif and his team use social media to engage Muslims in condemning ISIS. He is author of Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism & Terrorist Recruitment, a best practice guide.
Terror breeds Terrorists - Felicity de Zulueta
Dr Felicity de Zulueta
Psychiatrist, psychotherapist and group analyst. Emeritus Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy at the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust and an Honorary Senior lecturer in Traumatic Studies at Kings College London. She is author of From Pain to Violence: the traumatic roots of destructiveness.
The Roots of Terrorism - Morris Nitsun
Morris Nitsun
Consultant Psychologist in Group Psychotherapy in Camden and Islington NHS Trust. He is a training group analyst in private practice in London and a practising artist. He is the author of The Anti-group: Destructive Forces in the Group and their Creative Potential and The Group as an Object of Desire.
Thought paralysis: Islam as the new black - Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
Psychotherapist and group analyst working with individuals, groups and organisations in Devon. He is author of Thought paralysis: The Virtues of Discrimination, Taking the Group Seriously and Race, Colour and the Processes of Racialisation.
Women and Jihad - Anna Motz
Anna Motz
A psychoanalytic psychotherapist and Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with extensive clinical experience with women as perpetrators and victims of violence. She is author of The Psychology of Female Violence: Crimes Against the Body and co-author of The Forthcoming.
ISIS: a story of a 'reversed family' - Shulamit Geller and Eran Shadach
Dr Shulamit Geller, PhD
A supervising clinical psychologist, member of the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis, and in private practice in Tel Aviv. She is on the clinical psychology graduate program at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo.
Dr Eran Shadach, PhD
A supervising clinical psychologist, member of the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis, and in private practice in Tel Aviv. He is on the clinical psychology graduate program at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, and a research fellow at the International Institute for Counter- Terrorism (ICT) in Herzliya.
Fundamentalism and male adolescence - Elisabeth Rohr
Professor Elisabeth Rohr
Group analyst, counsellor and consultant to national and international organisations and former professor for Intercultural Education at the University of Marburg. She has done extensive research on the issues of migration, fundamentalism and gender.
De-escalating cycles of violence - Bobby Moore
Bobby Moore
A psychotherapist who hosted reflexive supervision conversations with a multi-disciplinary team for more than 12 years in Northern Ireland. He also provided therapy to former paramilitaries and practitioners with complex trauma arising from the community conflict. He is author of Reflexive Supervision which provides a framework to help practitioners process their emotional experiences.


David Morgan, Psychoanalyst
David Morgan
A psychoanalyst, training analyst in private practice and acts as consultant to a number of Political groups. He worked at the Portman Clinic for 25 years. He is now Chair of the Political Minds Seminars at the British Psychoanalytic Society. He regularly contributes to radio and television and lectures nationally and internationally. (See Frontier Psychoanalyst podcasts). He co-edited Lectures on Violence, Perversion and Delinquency with Stan Ruszczynski.  
Sue Einhorn, Group analyst
Sue Einhorn
A Group Analyst and individual psychotherapist who practises in the UK and trains and supervises internationally from Russia to Norway. Previously she was a youth worker, community development activist and lecturer. She is particularly interested in how the social context lives in our unconscious and how each person then shapes their social world.
Peter Zelaskowski, UKCP Psychotherapist
Peter Zelaskowski
UKCP psychotherapist in private practice in Barcelona who previously was a youth worker in London and teacher in social studies. He lectures, supervises and is large group convenor in the training of art and dance movement therapists at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona and Metafora.

Large Group Convenor

Earl Hopper, Psychoanalyst, Group analyst and organisational consultant
Earl Hopper
Psychoanalyst, Group Analyst and Organisational Consultant in private practice. He lectures internationally and is author of several books including the Social Unconscious, Traumatic Experience in the Unconscious Life of Groups and Trauma and Organisations. He has also co-edited three volumes of the Social Unconscious in Persons, Groups and Societies and is the Editor of the New International Library of Group Analysis.


Pam Kleinot
Pam Kleinot
A psychoanalytic psychotherapist and group analyst who has worked in the NHS, HMP Holloway and Womens’ Therapy Centre. Formerly a journalist, she has a special interest in group work in the field of conflict resolution.